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Exist Coaching with immediate impact

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Exist Coaching in English or German


As experienced entrepreneurs, we offer you, Exist Founders, Business Coaching and Consulting in Berlin and Brandenburg. We provide Exist coaching in both English and German. The coaching is personal, suited to your needs and experience. Our Exist coaching and consulting sessions always have immediate impact. We do not accept assignments if we believe we cannot make an impact. But do not expect it to be easy. We are not going to tell you what you want to hear. We give our honest opinion, we provide new insights in a constructive manner. We open up our network for you. And last, but not least, we invest ourselves in exceptional teams and ideas.

To sum it up:

Personal coaching: you get one coach for one theme.

You get an honest opinion, maybe not what like to hear.

It might not be easy, we will grill you ;-).

We open-up our network for you.

We invest.

We offer tailor-made Exist coaching

During your 12 month Exist Grant (Exist Stipendium) you will receive, besides salaries, training, basic materials, and a budget to hire your own coach. We at Orange Octopus, support teams and companies in all phases of a company lifetime. See our start, grow and scale model. But the Exist coaching is specifically for founders before and after founding your company. The focus is on business idea validation, follow on finance, business plan, and model and legal matters around founding a company.

Expertise and Experience

We have expertise (and degrees) in Medical Biology, Business (MBA), Finance, Legal, Online Marketing and English Literature. We come from different countries and, if possible, try to use this to provide you with different cultural perspectives. What’s more, we have founded companies ourselves and keep on doing it! We know what it is like – – really! In addition, we have coached, consulted and helped out with a significant amount of founders and companies within Europe and the US.

Coaching process


We start with an introduction. During the introduction, you tell us about your project and your ideas. You will also tell us about any hurdles you think you are or will be facing. During the intake we will ask questions to get a first impression. We conclude with a shared idea on your coaching needs.


We will carry out several sessions with intervals of between 2 to 4 weeks. The amount of sessions and the frequency of the coaching session will depend on the case. You are in the lead because in between the sessions there is work to be done. Before every session, we have an agenda with topics that are prepared and in-line with what we have agreed. We have the sessions at your workspace or ours, we agree on that on a per session basis. For each session, we agree on actions and a plan on how to execute them.


We wrap up our sessions, check if what we have delivered is what we expected and if we are happy with it. There is often a concluding action list.

Coaching Assignment Process