Orange Octopus Growth for Start-ups

Our services have immediate impact. We provide strategic advice, as well as hands-on crucial services. We support entrepreneurs who are starting their business or want to scale it up.

What’s in a name?

 First, the name: Orange Octopus. The octopus is one of the smartest animals. Physically the octopus is also distinct. An octopus has three hearts, nine brains, eight arms and blue blood!

We see clear similarities between busineOrange Octopus are the smartest animalssses and octopuses.

The three hearts stand for stamina or endurance. Starting a business is often hard and you need to endure and continue where others give up. Start-ups go through multiple life stages before they can bloom.

The nine brains and eight arms stand for multidisciplinary. A founder needs to skillful, resourceful and possess knowledge about various of topics. A founder needs to know about the product or service the start-up is offering. Besides he or she needs knowledge on legal, finance, design and marketing topics. On top of that, a founder should have social skills for hiring staff, making deals, convincing and selling, leading and motivating teams, and have a vision while being detail oriented.

Orange stands for energy combined with fun and adventure. Well that is what entrepreneurship is about.

Besides Orange Octopus started out in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Most founders, who although very talented, cannot possess all knowledge and skills to start and run business. Therefore, we from Orange Octopus, come in. We have immediate impact through hands on business coaching or provide hands on knowledge on topics: legal, finance, website creation, logo design, content creation, translations, marketing and sales.