Orange Octopus provides the essentials for starting, growing and scaling your start-up and small business.

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Growth for Start-ups

Orange Octopus helps you realize your growth ambition. We offer Financing Support, Internationalization Support, Legal Support, Website Design, and the full range of Marketing Services. Orange Octopus supports all growth-related topics for start-ups and small businesses in Europe.

Support Through All Stages


Rough idea of product or service and how value can be created. This stage may include a Proof of Concept (POC) through interviews or sketches.


Vision becomes clearer. The team evolves with ownership plan and the first milestones are put down on paper. Business & financial plans are prepared. The name is decided and the initial website is published.


Business is born & co-founder agreement is signed. The first serious resources are committed. Initial infrastructure is established. The name is fixed & business & financial plans are stable.



Initial users or paying customers validate the idea. Pivot is possible. Commercial dashboard is drawn. Assumptions can be validated and financial plan is altered. KPIs are identified. Additional resources are sourced and allocated.



Focus towards growth, KPIs & process improvement. Team is expanding rapidly. More resources are raised to hire senior staff, improve processes & infrastructure. Efforts to maintain start-up culture.


Growing on all axes, expanding internationally, dispersed teams. Founders & early investors might exit or have different roles.


Orange Octopus works together with Begruendet, DutchBasecamp, EXIST-Business-Startup-Grant and IBB Coaching Bonus.